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Temporary Emails

Free API to identify and block disposable email addresses.

Try or

    "status": 200,
    "domain": "",
    "mx": true,
    "disposable": true,
    "public_domain": false,
    "did_you_mean": null

How it works is an API that can be integrated into your registration process to prevent users from signing up with a throwaway email.

This is very useful if you run a service that provides something for free to its users, as it prevents abuse. scans the Internet for new disposable domains and analyzes the domains that are sent to its API. It maintains an always up-to-date database that you can query. vs Alternatives
Open Source Lists

Up to date data constantly scans the web for new disposable domains.

New domains are added days or weeks after they are created, allowing many unwanted emails through.

Most alternative APIs do not proactively search for new domains, which means their data is never accurate.

Free to use

86,400 free requests per month. No registration required.

Block temporary Gmail addresses is able to identify most temporary emails

Easy to set up

Add our API to your signup flow or use our WordPress plugin.

Using open source lists means you need to create the validation yourself and sync the lists regularly.


Free up to 86,400 requests per month!


$0 /month

Forever free, no registration required.

  • 120 requests per hour (~86,400 per month)
  • Private API key
  • Priority support
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$50 /month

For websites with larger requirements.

  • 5,000 requests per hour (~3,600,000 per month)
  • Private API key
  • Priority support


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